Sunday, 22 September 2013

Study. Accept. Tolerate. Love.

I have been thinking about changes in recent times, big changes, shifts of consciousness which have occurred not only at home but worldwide. I am really beginning to see the very clear parallels between what was and what is and it is fascinating at how the Human element plays out during all of this.

People don’t like change.  They never have and this struggle with inevitable changes are a major reason why we are so slow to keep up with ourselves.  Yes I did just say ’keep up with ourselves’ does that appear like a crazy statement? When you take your thoughts off your immediate mindedness for a moment and begin looking at the wider view it is very clear that Humanity is deeply divided.  These divisions can be summed up by looking at how some people still live in poverty while others live lavishly.  This is a simplified and singular abstraction of it all but I am just using that as an immediate example, there are many such examples which mostly follow this kind of trend.  What I mean is that people with lots of money usually have more power and thus have better opportunities. 

We’re clearly all at different levels but this is not only the case with financial or material matters, we’re also divided in how easily we can accept change.  Not a lot of people think about this because what we tend to do is look at everything and everyone from our own perspective but this view simply doesn’t work.  People who are emotionally and mentally unequipped for what many of us see as being easy in life will find themselves struggling with the basics of how society works and thus they’ll be more likely to accept truths which are more extreme.  This is not wholly their fault though because society has kind of abandoned these people and thus society is in fact responsible for them.  Society CANNOT be balanced if people are being left behind, there needs to much more parity.  Education of both an emotional and sociological nature needs to be given to everyone, the proverbial playing field needs to be more even or these people will continue to hold everyone back through no fault of their own.  If people find themselves without the emotional basics with which to live normal lives then they will be easily lead and more likely to gravitate toward extreme views.  If you yourself have extreme views towards groups of people such as Foreigners, Homeless, Loyalists, Republicans, The Rich, Addicts, The Poor, Gays or just about anyone for any reason you and society are at least partially responsible for the subsequent bad behaviour of some of those groups.  Remember I am not blaming anyone in particular here, this view is very balanced and based upon logic, basic human requirements and Human nature. If you think this is nonsense it is because you have a lack of emotional education and knowledge about the simple principles of cause and effect.  If you think this is nonsense you are as bad as those who cause civil unrest because we’re all at least partially responsible for it just because we all take part.

Read about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, please and think of it from the perspective of everyone not just the people you agree with or think are righteous.

You must realise I am not urging that people with money are to blame though, that’s not what this is about, I am not trying to cast blame anywhere all I am doing is looking at it and stating what I see.   The way our society is must be looked at from many different levels in order for it to be categorically understood, currently this is not being done.  Most people look only at aspects of the social order and make their judgements from these social singularities.  People who think this way are usually intolerant and often angry, what they do is look at things that happen on a very immediate level and think about them in narrow minded way.  But it is not only the seemingly narrow-minded who are at fault.  Many decent hardworking people hold extreme views but they don’t see them as being extreme.  People who tell the Homeless to go and get a job like they’re talking about something which is simple to do.  Anyone who expects that there will ever come a time when everyone has a job is deluded at best and probably mental along with it.  It is very easy to look at others and judge them when your own life is going really well but it doesn’t mean that everyone can do the things that you take for granted. 

The way people find their lives when they wake up in the morning is much more complicated than we all believe.  Of course the way those of us who are doing well see it is that we’re brilliant and we did it all ourselves but the reality is more sobering than that because we all arrived on this Earth through family lines which did not always chose their circumstances and the knock on cause and effect from that is both obvious and inherent.  If you got what you got through hard work always remember that an ethic of hard work must have been instilled in you and that would reflect itself on how good a job your parents did but not everyone has good parents, in fact not everyone even have parents, period.  Not everyone has a comfortable emotional upbringing so don’t be so quick to take all the credit yourself and don’t be so hard on others who didn’t have the luxuries you may take so for granted.

I am not going to go into this too much because I don’t want to veer off subject but I would urge you if you’re interested to look at how the ending of coal mining in the 1980’s was both viewed by the public and how the world subsequently changed as a result.  To keep it short there were many social and economic reasons for what happened but at the time no one cared and they didn’t have the ability to listen to reason because they were angry that people were losing their jobs.  Hindsight is wonderful they say but in all honesty if people would stop being angry and stop putting so much effort into futile struggle they would be able to clearly see why things are happening and how.  But don’t stop there look at any place where there has been civil unrest and if you do enough Sociological digging you’ll find reasons for it all.

The thing that I am trying to do is draw direct parallels between the past and the present and I am actually able to do just that due to the way I am thinking about it all.  I have begun taking more perspectives into consideration and thus I can see peoples points of views better.  If you take as an example the gulf between how the Government act and how the majority of people think you may get some understanding as to what I mean.  When the Government do something which people see as being as unjust all people do is criticise them and get angry but this type of behaviour does nothing, it has no purpose whatsoever.  Do you realise how difficult it is to govern tens of Millions of people?  Do you realise that you’ll never be able to keep everyone happy?  Anger stops us from thinking clearly and it does nothing except urge more of itself.  People get angry and then other people get angry because they’re angry and everyone starts attacking and defending and they all forget what the issue was in the first place.  Like I mentioned with the Miners back in the eighties, the coal mining industry was operating at a massive loss which made it completely unviable but no one thinks about that they just start rioting and blaming the Government, as they always do!

If you are a member of either the Loyalist or Republican communities I would urge you to look at how your part in the struggle against the other community has shaped your thinking and the direction of your community.  You are tribal, we all are and you may well hold views which are not only harmful to that other community but ultimately to your own community as well.  Vengeance and Retribution are deeply harmful to the people who are seeking them because they are very negative, you may feel elated at getting your own back but so does an addict when they take their hit and with every dizzy high comes the eventual demoralising low, the principle is exactly the same. 

If you take a side in any conflict, real or imagined, be mindful that your enemy always thinks the same way you do.  Your enemy sees you how you see them and to be blunt if you think it is alright to kill anyone for any reason why should it not be alright for others to think the same?  Are you the centre of the Universe?  Do you have a monopoly on what’s right and wrong?  Who exactly do you think you are if you see the world this way could you ever expect it to end in any other way than how the past as shown us it always does end?

There is a deep seated unfairness throughout our world and because human beings are adverse to change they become unsettled when they perceive a lack of balance.  I can understand how people feel but I have also become very aware that people and groups who often begin behaving in a very angry and unsettled manner actually cause a lot of their own misfortune.  I don’t think I would have see this as easily some years ago but now it has become very clear to me but it doesn’t stop there.  There is a knock on effect.  The rest of society gets angry at these groups who then get even angrier and thus the cycle continues until something on the scale of civil unrest occurs.  So it is not just about those people who you can see as being the problem it is your subsequent reaction toward them that lets it keep on going.

To redress the balance we must all learn that tolerance is a two way principle not only should you expect to receive it you must give it as well there is however a catch here because you must be aware that some people and groups of people struggle with the whole concept of tolerance because they are unaccustomed to it.  These people need to be given time and we need to allow for their sometimes erratic behaviour.  Another thing is that you cannot expect that if you’re behaving in an intolerant manner that others are likely to not only see this but they’ll probably react to it unfavourably.  This is not something which is going to be easy with all the disharmony in our world but we can all do our bit to make things better for ourselves and one another.

If everybody keeps on losing their cool and getting angry at one another then we will just continue like this for another however many decades and society will just meltdown to critical and probably cataclysmic levels.  Think about your world, think about how it all fits together and remember there is no easy answer so accepting the first supposed truth that comes along will not help anyone. 





Look after yourselves and each other.

Peace and love. Always.

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