Sunday, 15 September 2013

The proud Irish Nation: Racists and Hate mongers.

Everything comes down to money doesn’t it?  We have a very childish and intolerant way of looking at the world collectively.  So much jealousy and hatred over who has and who doesn’t have.  It is getting more and more difficult to help people who are vulnerable and needy because others who see themselves as being decent and hard working end up being angry and direct so much hatred towards those who are being helped. For what reason?  Why so much hatred towards other Human beings?  Do the people who are allowing themselves to become so venomous towards others realise that there isn’t any way their hate can be justified?  Hard working many of them may well be but I am afraid a lot of them cannot call themselves decent.

Us Irish are particularly intolerant and to be honest it is sometimes a little surprising.  I mean look at our History, we’ve had a good deal of intolerance directed at us and I am beginning to see very clearly that circumstantial factors are a lot more prevalent than many of us will ever know.  What does that mean?  Well if you do the old shoe on the other foot routine how would those spouting so much hate to the Roma Community and Eastern Europeans and Africans and other Nationalities feel if they and their families had nothing and they needed handouts?  Of course they won’t consider that will they?

If all these people who are shouting so much hatred were to find themselves without enough money to feed themselves due to circumstance I wonder what they would do.  I wonder would they prefer to curl up in a ball and die of their illusionary pride or would they lower themselves to ask for handouts?  So many of them appear to so well to do and so emotionally together but no Human being who attacks the poor and vulnerable in such a way can ever be considered balanced or decent.  Their hate will eat them alive.

The way people work is very simple if they’re doing OK then fuck everybody else but if they’re not doing OK what then?  Alright I accept that they work hard and that the Government make life difficult for them but whose fault is that?  The Irish went everywhere in the world to escape poverty at home and faced hatred and intolerance everywhere they went only for their ancestors of today to treat other Human beings with the same venom and hatred that was cast upon their passed on kin.

Do people not know that money is not more important than Human beings?  Do they actually believe that vulnerable people deserve to be treated like dogs just because they are poor?  Some of the comments I see on news reports are pretty shocking.  They talk about murder and about letting people die and about sending them back to ‘their own countries’.   What is wrong with us seriously?

We should fucking know better the lot of us.  We are truly a shallow and despicable people.  No Human being is any more or less important than any other in spite of Race, Religion, Nationality, Sexuality or ANYTHING else.

It doesn’t bode well for us, all this intolerance.  It shows clearly that we really have no compassion unless we’re getting something out of it. I would be less surprised to hear anger and hatred coming from those who are destitute themselves but for it to be coming from hard working and supposedly decent people is worrying.

My Mother lived in England in the 1950’s and she has always told me that the stories about the signs in the windows of boarding houses saying “No Irish, No Blacks” were very real.  I wonder how all our dead ancestors would feel in knowing that those of their own blood are treating vulnerable Humans exactly the way they were treated.

It’s shocking is what it is…

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