Sunday, 20 October 2013

Feed the Monkey

What happens surrounding sports is often a good indication of other unrelated aspects of society.  I wrote something not too long ago about Tottenham fans use of the word Yid and the subsequent backlash it caused.

Last Tuesday England were playing their last World Cup Qualifier against Poland and something came out about what the England manager, Roy Hodgson, said during his half time team talk.

Hodgson told a joke about a man and monkey being sent into space.  The joke is shite, I only read it once but can’t remember it exactly and now I can’t find it again!  Basically the man keeps asking NASA what they want him to do while he’s in space and they keep saying about what the monkey is doing until at the end the man is told ‘Feed the monkey.”

Hodgson was attempting to use the joke as an analogy to say that they needed to ‘feed’ Tottenham midfielder Andros Townsend who is currently in scintillating form.  One of the players subsequently leaked details of the joke to the press anonymously and everyone started accusing Roy of Racism.  I checked the squad for that game and 6 of the 22 players are of African origin so one of those players obviously took offence.  Andros Townsend however , the player who was being referred to as the Monkey took it as a compliment!

So lets break this shit down.  An old white man tells a shit joke and one of the players (presumably one of African Origin) takes it the wrong way. 

Firstly why did the player do it anonymously?  I mean if he was offended and he genuinely thought Hodgson was being Racist why did he not go on record?

Secondly Townsend is of African Origin and he was the one being talked about but he took it as a compliment and later went public about saying he had no idea what all the fuss was about.

I think matters like this highlight the Human ability to find offence sometimes where no offence was intended.  I abhor Racism and all forms of intolerance but incidents such as this make it difficult to highlight where the real problems are because they create a very unsure world where someone may or may not be behaving inappropriately but who knows?  I think this incident has more to do with the sensitivities of the person who decided to leak the information.  Again why anonymously?

We must all be very mindful of ourselves and how we see things before we go making accusations against people who we see as being intolerant.  If we are too sensitive we will end up finding offence were there is none to be found and then we will end up accusing people who have done nothing wrong.  We must be very careful about this type of thing.

Another matter which I know most people don’t get is that if anyone chooses to call you something which they know is derogatory and you then get visibly upset by it you are merely encouraging them.  When anyone goes out of their way to upset you and you react you are giving them the emotional stimulation they need to continue.  Sticks and Stones.  If you go around allowing people to upset you you will be making your own life difficult by the simple fact that it is YOU who is getting upset.  We all need to control our emotions better to stop allowing idiots to get us riled up.

People who feel the need to go around offending others are obviously socially unwell and probably pretty miserable about their own lives.  The fact that they want to cause others hurt is a clear indication of this.  You should avoid and ignore people such as this rather than get angry at them.  Racism is not something that is going to end, so long as there are people who are ignorant and miserable they will always look for a way to vent their bile and they normally choose obvious surface aspects of others or the vulnerable.

It seems to already have reached the point that it is unacceptable to say the word ‘Monkey’ when a black person is around for fear of offending them?  What sort of world does this create?  I remember that people were calling Gareth Bale a Monkey due to his appearance when he rose to prominence at Tottenham but he’s Welsh and European!  Where do we draw the line here people, seriously?

I think it is wrong for anyone to go around calling people names due to their heritage or appearance but I think it is equally wrong that some of us are sensitive to the point of distraction.  We all need to be a little tougher when dealing with people who are intolerant and realise that they are not at all well.  They are dangerously childish and deserve our pity rather than our anger. 

If you get angry with people who are miserable you’re only giving them the energy to continue.  These people have nothing going on in their lives and they need any form of emotion just so they can feel something because they’re obviously pretty shallow.  If they know they’re causing a stir they will continue because that is exactly how wind ups work fro ma psychological point of view.

Toughen up and ignore the hatred.  Work on your own sense of yourself because if you feel settled and happy with who you are it doesn’t matter what other people say about you so long as you know and the people you love know what the craic is.

Peace and Love.

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