Saturday, 19 October 2013

One mans Terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.

Unionists really need to stop being so hypocritical when it comes to how they approach what Republicans and Nationalists choose to do in regard of their Culture.  This week they’re complaining about what names are given to GAA clubs after a club in Dungiven was named after Kevin Lynch who was a member of the club as well as a member of the INLA and an ex hunger striker.  This sort of thing happens all the time, Unionists moaning about what Republicans do Culturally. And in the interests of parity, Republicans do a right bit of complaining themselves!

Unionists need to realise three things.

1.  The Conflict here played a part in the life of both communities therefore all subsequent commemorations are a result of that.

2  If it is acceptable for the Protestant community to celebrate their part in the conflict then it is equally acceptable for Catholics to do the same.

3.  It is none of anyone’s business how any given group choose to express their Culture.

Out of interest I don’t think any of them should be celebrating the past the way they are, with flags and marches, because it is not only divisive it is dangerous for future peace but out of tolerance I am holding back and saying we should allow people the space to celebrate their culture how they see fit.  We need to accept each others right to grieve collectively.

I don’t know of any examples off hand and I can’t be bothered going digging but I am damn sure that Northern Ireland as a state has named many things including probably buildings and roads after people who were not exactly Godly in their treatment of other Human beings.  Just because the state is legal and the mighty British Empire says something is alright that does not make it acceptable that Protestants are allowed to commemorate their dead and Catholics are not.

Unionists constantly play the Terrorist card well whether they like it or not ‘One mans Terrorist is another mans freedom fighter’.  You can look at this anyway you wish but you cannot go partitioning blame.  The British dead are commemorated every year as heroes well I have news for you all, some of those Soldiers murdered children.  Do you think that is acceptable?  Do you think it is inoffensive to the living relatives of those innocents who died?  Or is it different when a Soldier murders someone?  Anyone who thinks it is alright to commemorate one sides dead while refusing others the right to commemorate theirs is a bigot and a hypocrite. 

Republicans, Loyalists, The Army and The Police all did a lot of damage in regard of causing murder and mayhem.  YOU CANNOT PARTITION BLAME.  All sides did damage and depending on who you speak to they all probably saved some lives as well.  It doesn’t matter who started it or who thinks they’re more righteous, WAR IS WRONG.

There were Soldiers on both sides and BOTH sides really need to start accepting that each community respects its dead the same as the other.  The reason why we continually have War and Conflict is because of this complete one sidedness when it comes to how each side sees the enemy.  Even if you think they are crazed fanatical heathens there is support of them somewhere among their own people and this principle transcends time and country of origin. 

I am not saying your enemy is right, I am saying both you and your enemy are WRONG.

Unionists need to take a good look at themselves because there are a lot of hate mongers among them disguised as law abiding citizens.  Yes Republicans see their dead as heroes just as Unionists praise their own so can we draw a line under that and do some work that doesn’t involve talking about the past.  Why don’t they start looking for ways to improve our collective society instead of taking everything that the other side does personally all the time?

As well as that if any of YOU be you prod or taig or muslim or jew or whatever you THINK your identity is believe that it is acceptable to go around praising the dead you are sick and you are holding us all back.  To die violently is a horrible thing and you are all glorifying it with your nauseating little ceremonies.  War is WRONG and if you commemorate and glorify it in ANY WAY you are WRONG.


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