Sunday, 20 October 2013

Why I don’t agree with spending millions and billions on Peace and Trauma centres.

Mike Nesbitt has proposed that we build a ‘Trauma Centre’ as an alternative to the Maze peace centre.

I don’t think we should be building either a peace centre or a trauma centre.  This is a very good example of how people look at the surface of society and start clutching at proverbial straws in their attempts to make things better.  They throw a few billion at the problem and hope it’ll go away.  Well it won’t away until we get real with what the problems here are.

We are not very deep collectively.  We see things in a narrow-minded and shallow manner and I really don’t blame people for seeing things this way anymore.  Over successive generations we have not been taught about the importance of emotions and the society we know have is a result of that.  People don’t like looking too much for solutions because we are very immediately minded.  We scan the surface, pick up on the first things we notice and make knee-jerk decisions based upon what little we know.

When people look at society they always end up blaming other people and one another for the problems we have.  This then creates a world where everyone is blaming everyone and few people stop and say “hang on, we need to start looking at Human Nature here and how our emotions and instincts are causing ALL these difficulties.  When we look at our difficulties we always relate them to worldly matters but I know for a fact that ALL of our difficulties lie in Human Nature, in instincts and emotions.

Because people don’t want to accept that their own instincts and emotions could be somehow flawed they take short cuts and try to fix our problems by focusing on surface matters.  This never works because much deeper down the same problems are left and they continue hindering us without us ever admitting what they are. Looking at History clearly shows our constant repeating of past mistakes and this is because we’re refusing to look at things in greater depth.  We’re refusing to accept that it is our nature that is flawed and petty squabbling about who started it and who said and what will not suffice, because it didn’t work in the past did it?  So it isn’t going to work now either.

So why would I not agree with a trauma centre or peace centre?

A Peace centre would presumably be to promote peace wouldn’t it?  I don’t think it is necessarily the thought or sentiment that’s the problem here, they have that in abundance, I think the problem is their methods and the fact that they’re not looking at something very important and that is the social structure. 

When we got ‘Peace’ back in the 1990’s what did we do thereafter?  We had a great time of it.  We got Tesco and Sainsburys and Asda and all them big firms who would not invest here due to the troubles and we got loads of jobs for the young people and we partied and said “Yes, this is the life!” 

So while all this was going on what did we not do?  We didn’t go and look at the Loyalist and Republican communities.  We just pushed them off to their respective sides and tried to make a little oasis of happy, fun loving people between them!  We acted like they weren’t there, that we’d somehow grown beyond all that nonsense, like we had arrived! We got complacent!  In each of those communities though the same issues existed and still exist and what happened as a result of that?  The rise of dissident Republicanism on one side and continued protesting on the other. 

So what does that mean? It means that if you fail to address the problems within a society the problems remain and they will keep coming back unless we go and make those communities more productive and more emotionally aware of their HUMAN IDENTITY, rather that their National and Religious identities.  Rates of unemployment and alcohol and drug misuse are widespread and where this occurs in large communities you will have thousands of people who will be more likely to be miserable and hopeless and thus extremist views will be more easily accepted.

This is depth.  I am not just looking at people and calling them scumbags because of their behaviour I am looking at the sociological matters that exist within the communities where these people live and I am using Human Nature to show how people will end up behaving as a result of that.  I know a lot of people will disagree and this is because the very same factors of immediate thinking and intolerance are currently aeffecting most of the population here.  Rather than look into why things are the way they are we pick a group of people and start demonising them.  These demonised people then realise that everyone hates them so they stop caring and start attacking.

A trauma centre would be to look at mental health wouldn’t it?  I think more does need to be done about this but if we keep just looking at the surface of mental health we will only be treating those with mental health issues rather than going deeper and trying to find out why people have these issues.

Again back to those communities and community in general here.  Our society has huge alcohol and drug issues.  When people take alcohol and drugs for prolonged periods of time they become mentally and emotionally unfit and they have difficulty integrating and having normal relations with others.  Add to that high numbers of unemployed and people who simply have no hope you get large numbers of individuals living among us who are more likely to be anti social, they’ll be more likely to turn to crime and they’ll be les likely to be productive.  These people get bored easily and their lives end up being based on simply getting through each day as it comes.  People who smoke cannabis and drink regularly end up having a ‘don’t give a fuck’ mentality and so they cannot understand normal things that the rest of us take for granted.

When a community has a combination of drug and alcohol and hopelessness over successive generations you get people who were not reared properly bring up children and after about four or five generations you end up with individuals who simply have no idea about what life is all about and on top of that they don’t give a fuck.

Right now, all over this city another generation of children are growing up to become future drug and alcohol users and a percentage of these children have already zero chance of being productive members of society.  Employers won’t give them the breaks that need and the rest of us mock them and laugh at them.  Stand up comedians go on stage and call them spides and everyone thinks it’s hilarious and these kids become more and more despondent and many of them will die young.  

This society is deeply disproportionate.  The playing field is not level and that is why things are the way they are.  It is not right and some of us have too much while others don’t have enough.  We have lost the ability to cooperate with one another and to see where the problems lie.  Human Nature is driving us further and further apart due to our apathy and our suspicion.

If you have whole communities who are without the basics you will never have a stable society because those people will continually attack society because they are angry and see that some people are being treated better than others.  If this disparity continues so will our social and emotional and mental difficulties.

So what can we do about it?  It won’t be easy and it won’t be achieved in my lifetime but each of us and that means YOU must look at ourselves and our attitudes towards other human beings.  How do you think and speak about others? Do you think people are scumbags?  If you do you’re partially responsible for the way that this world is.

The money they are proposing to spend on these projects should be put into cross community and community rebuilding ventures and each of us should commit a little bit of time to going out and doing a bit of work for no money and no reward in our communities.  We have gotten selfish and complacent and we all need to take a good look at this in more depth before we start pointing the finger at groups of people who are already so far down the ladder that we’ve lost a lot of them before they’re had a chance to know what it means to be human.


Look at how Human Nature is aeffecting us all. 

Think about how people end up behaving how they do rather than focusing on mocking them for their behaviour. 

Peace and Love.

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