Sunday, 8 August 2010

More musings on selfishness...

Selfishness has many twisted faces and can be disguised in many seemingly innocent gestures and noble acts. People who try boycotting forms of media which they regard as being psychologically harmful to others are of course trying to shield humanity from harm aren’t they?

The emergence of Gangsta rap is a good example of this. When N.W.A released “Straight Outta Compton” in 1988 there was uproar in America meanwhile in Craigavon, County Armagh I was like WHA? This is amazing these fuckers are expressing anger, pure raw anger I loved it immediately why? Because it’s real, anger is real and being angry is understandable.

People who try to disregard anger and hide from it are going to find that they have to face something about themselves at some point in the future that they do not like. What we are all actually doing is projecting our dislikes onto other people to try and take focus of ourselves. If a person is very visibly upset about a certain issue to the point that they are always trying to convince others they are hiding their true reasons for being so upset. Remember it is easier to blame than face your own demons but since fear drives people to not be able to face their own true nature trying to explain this to people who are in the midst of denial is virtually impossible, they will do anything to detract from themselves.

I have anger, anger like many people could not imagine. My anger has caused the breakdown of personal relationships it has caused problems within my family and it nearly caused my own demise but I had to go through it there is no way out of it. I had to face the reasons why I was angry which stretched back 30 years. I did find one major factor which made my anger worse and that was the lack of understanding I got from other people. People are very judgemental and they think they know everything. They use hypothetical models that only exist in their own heads to tell them all about the world and all the people in it. If something is outside their realm of understanding they can only use the closest experience they themselves have had to quantify an occurrence that they don’t know anything about. They then feel perfectly justified in talking about other people because the structure within a society based upon blame relies on them comparing themselves to others and if they’re socially more upstanding than others those below them basically those lower down the social pecking order deserve what they get.

I express anger in my poetry there are a couple of pieces in particular that are absolutely brutal. I sometimes cringe at them myself but I still perform them because they were relevant to how I felt when they were written. I am not standing on stage saying I am something I am not I accept my past the problems arise when other people have difficulty with it because they're looking for a nice shiny world that is a myth. Only by going through the process and coming out the other end could I fully begin to understand my reasons for being and for being angry. I have issues, we all have I have serious issues with my family that I won't discuss I will write about it all one day but people on the outside looking in never ask why and they don't care they just judge.

I start youth work very soon working with young offenders. Why? Because these people are just being left to the proverbial dogs by society people think they’re scum in reality they are confused human beings who have lost their way and need some guidance. I was left to the dogs by people who were pretending to be strong, pretending that they were protecting themselves by doing so, I was not the weak one they were. At some time in the future they will be having an awful time and they will expect everyone to rally round and help them even though they have left others to endure hell and at some point there will be no one to help them and only then will they know what they have done and I hope they learn from it, I did.

I support letting people express themselves and the simple reason why is that I understand what people are going through. Much of the poverty that exists especially in the Western World is avoidable but because the people in charge choose to keep most of the wealth to themselves we inevitably will have criminals and people who have nothing to lose by trying to get what they need.

Censorship amounts to a collective covering up of the problems that exist within society. if people are drawn to angry music it means they relate to it and that means there are underlying issues and reasons for it. Those who want to stop people from listening to and watching what they deem unsuitable are being sensitively selfish what they are saying is that they can’t cope with something, that they don’t like bad language, they don’t like pornography, gangsta rap and metal are offensive. Fair enough well lots of people think that believing in 2000 year old stories about questionable characters is offensive but the detractors don’t put that in their remit do they? No. Why? Because they know best well I am sorry they don’t know best if you try to stop anger you will make it worse we should be helping people through these issues instead of pretending the world is a big fluffy cushion!

Peace! Only another two hundred million revs to go.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Image obsessed...

We are on a search for perfection, all of us, because our world is image obsessed that is what we’re all seeking. Image does not only concern the surface of a person it is of course the way they “look” from a point of view of how popular they are and how others see them. This mindset is not really anyone’s fault and most people have no idea they are image obsessed. If you tell people they are image conscious they will argue that they are not but we are all image conscious to a degree we’re just very protective of our egos so it is important not to be “too” image conscious! You draw the lines in the sand I don't know where to put them anymore...

Most people do not speak their minds and will omit from saying things that they feel will damage their reputations what this amounts to is that people are not really being themselves they are in fact just giving the world enough information so others will still like them. This is why our world is so obsessed with image having a hard time is considered bad and people will actively try to purge people from their lives who even begin to display character traits which are seen as being unfavourable but they won’t tell anyone this they will make up reasons why they’re ending relationships and friendships so as to make themselves not look heartless.

“You got to be cruel to be kind.” This old cliché is still used in our society isn’t it a sad reflection of all of us that we can justify potentially ruining a persons life with such a simple and apparently well meaning phrase.

Of course there are many relationships that end due to the awful behaviour of either spouse but it has become increasingly clear that many, many cases of break ups hinge on the hypothetical musings of either person. We look at certain aspects of a person then project how we think things will end up. Equally we think that finding a person who has the immediate traits we’re looking for will lead to happiness when in reality we are all changeable and we’re all prone to the very quirks that we try to distance ourselves from.

If we all didn’t have such high hopes and wishes of perfection this world would be a far more tolerant and more pleasurable place to live.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

I am not the same as everyone else.

I have become acutely aware of “behavioral loops” as I have begun calling them. I keep noticing how certain patterns of behavior are more or less constant and it is very difficult to explain the mechanics of the patterns to those displaying them. Each individual seems to have two very distinct spheres of thought. One is concerned with self preservation which in reality is not called for as much as it would have been in say Neolithic times so to a large extent this has become a kind of image protection in the modern age. The other is a somewhat less selfish concept of “collective” but only collective in the immediate sense.

What this amounts to is each individual is concerned first and foremost with self development and promotion with a secondary concern being how they fit into the group. Major difficulties here can be caused by conflicts of interests and these seem to happen on a daily basis but of course we don’t notice them and don’t think that we are in any way “actually” attached to the human race we see ourselves differently from how others see us. These conflicts happen all the time from small arguments between family members to full blown feuds that last years, even road rage incidents and any argument of any kind can arise from these conflicting interests.

When something happens, anything at all, someone walks into a shop for instance and thinks someone they don’t know has just given them a dirty look. From this incident alone think of the potential reasons for one person giving a stranger a dirty look. I am not even going to start into this one it’ll be so time consuming thinking of all the possible permutations here but I will ask you to think about something other than the person who has supposedly thrown the dirty look. Maybe the person who has “thought” they’ve been given a dirty look is in bad form, maybe there confidence is at a bit of a low point and their perception is at fault. These sorts of things happen so often and cause the ending of friendships and relationships and make families lose trust and faith in each other.

The difficulty is that you can’t explain these things to people because often they already have their minds made up about exactly how and why others react how they do. We always seem to expect the worst especially in others all these tiny seemingly meaningless incidents all go on more or less constantly and there we have a whole section of society constantly unhappy over hypothetical nonsense that is so often completely unfounded.

Of course this has nothing to do with YOU because you’re different aren’t you, you’re not like the others. That’s how we all think and as it turns out it’s this egocentric attitude that is holding all of us back.

Monday, 2 August 2010

War is akin to disliking someones haircut!

Yes it is, it really is. Principles and the concept of Microcosm/Macrocosm are so, so important but due to lost knowledge and the fact we’re heading in totally the wrong direction from a moral point of view most people would never equate these two seemingly different dislikes.

We are programmed to notice differences quicker than similarities this is very obvious upon just the slightest glace through any newspaper or delving into the historical record. People always have conflict at all levels and of course the more of us that there are the more the chance there will be hassle of some sort.

I am firmly of the opinion that groups (even large groups) of people behave in much the same way as individuals do obviously it gets complicated when there are more of us but if you seriously and honestly take a close look there really are striking similarities. The idea behind these two dislikes is basic one person and one group do not like something about another person or group, how simple is that? We seem to be missing this but it is plainly the same baseline principle at work here.

The complications that enter this are also pretty simply explained. People often have a wide range of reasons for not liking something but, again, if you’re honest you’ll find that a lot of peoples dislikes are based more around their own insecurities than an actual justifiable reason for hate. Because we are so insular and protective of our easily bruised egos we are hardly ever entirely truthful when it comes to why we actually dislike something.

I have often been accused of being political when I mention matters of war but I am not, I align myself with no party and despite people saying everything is politics I am sticking with the dictionary definition which is to align oneself with a particular political grouping. When the war in Iraq started the Government lied to get the whole thing going hindsight has now very clearly told us that so they obviously had ulterior motives or some other sinister reasons for war.

If we don’t stop this we’re going to be in serious trouble. We keep letting the people in control do whatever they want even murdering and ransacking other countries in our name all they have to do is demonise people of another faith and we just nod and agree and let them work away.

100, 000 civilians have died since the Iraq war started and there has been a massive shift in the ratios of civilian to combatant casualties. Wars early in the twentieth had a ninety percent combatant casualty rate to about ten percent civilian that ratio has been completely switched in these new modern wars. I don’t know about you but if war continues this way it looks like civilians are the cannon fodder nowadays.

Sometimes in the street I seriously take a look at some of the people going around with heads on them like I don’t know what but I really do have to catch myself on it’s none of my business how others behave or prefer their hair so long as they’re doing no harm. I think we should all start not judging so much lets start looking at the similarities there are so many of them I often wonder why we started picking up on the differences in the first place.

War begins with public opinion in the countries taking part in any conflict. If our collective attitude towards people from other lands were more progressive things would be very different. Our reasons for disliking foreigners are usually some mythical nonsense made up by some idiot who has never been out of the country and doesn't even personally know any the types of people he/she is hating.

Think. That's what that thing above your shoulders is for it's not for headbutting walls on a Saturday night. THINK!