Thursday, 25 August 2011

Leona shows off her new figure

Surely this has gotten out of hand. I have known for a long time that it has and I have heard many others hint the same thing but most of our society seem so absorbed in image consciousness that they’re just not seeing it the same way. Image is not just primarily how exactly people look, our personalities are extensions of our images and since we seem to instinctively look for the bad points in each other there are a lot of really twisted up images out there, demons created by minds needing some security in a world where security of self is short supply.

I don’t watch the news no more, the only up to date stuff I do now is checking the football scores. I used to buy two or three newspapers a day but I stopped after the latest Tsunami, why? I honestly don’t believe that reading about hundreds of thousands of expended souls on the other side of the planet is going to do me any good, unless I am going to get up and go over there and help someone out it’s just masochistic voyeurism. I bought The Independent about two weeks ago and left it by the toilet for four or five days before I started reading it and you know what it didn’t make no difference, nothing out there changes, ever! I then found a copy from three months back (stashed it seems, I think Séamus from three months back left it as a sign!) and started looking through it and then looked at the BBC news website and it was the same stupid shit, news doesn’t do any good it just gives you a headache and I got enough of those thanks.

When I am logging into MSN I always catch something or other though, something current, and the headline on the article below (see link bottom of page) caught my ‘erm attention! Apparently Leona Lewis has a new figure and I want to know where she got it and I am sure a lot of women want to know the same. It’s not some surgeons trick though it’s genuine according to MSN anyway but it raises questions about the sanctity of how we see each other.

She’s a damn fine looking woman that’s for sure but she has been out of the loop for a while now no doubt sleeping in till all hours and clocking up time in recording studios but a “new figure” it doesn’t look new to me, it’s the same Leona I seen in before had she been twenty five stone with a bald head I’d have said “damn she looks better than ever!” but this young lady ain’t changed since I seen her last (in photos, I don’t stalk!) This whole "new" is obviously some kind of PR move to get her name up there for as long it takes to sell a few CD's. Leona's PR persons granny probably had some dealings with the grandfather of someone who covers celebrity-dom up at MSN towers, back in the day, so a phone call no doubt got made and them suckers got an exclusive along with some pretty hot photos and the promise of an interview in the coming weeks.

This whole celebrity thing is not the right way to be bringing up children and I can almost hear the screams of “Well you don’t have any children!” and that doesn’t matter I am a human being and I hate to see the direction we’re currently taking as a collective it’s a kin to neglect to be passing a torch to the next generation when it’s very clear they got very little future to look forward to, I ain’t talking five or ten years, we got real trouble coming, if the Aztecs were wrong about 2012 it’s just gonna take a bit longer but we’re doing it to ourselves as we speak.

When Peter Andre and his decidedly unmysterious girl broke up the nation/s started forming into camps of Team Andre and Team Jordan, seriously what’s wrong with this world, I’ll tell ya what’s wrong with this world, THE PEOPLE. We got very impressionable young people who are being feed this guff as news, given the choice though I’d play reruns of the Tsunami 24 hours a day, at least that would give them a sense of perspective all this “news” is giving them is a sense of self that doesn’t even nearly come up to the “standards” of today’s world. When young girls want to grow up to be page three models and marry footballers where we going to be in two or three generations, nobody thinks about that, this is pretty serious. I am not slating page three models or footballers they are doing what they can to make it in a world where you got to do all you can to make it, I admire them (The page three models especially) but if no one wants to have an “old figure” I am afraid a lot of them are going to be sorely disappointed.

I hope Leona Lewis has continued success and I hope she grows old gracefully and part of me even wishes she’d become a page three model for an hour or two (I would google that right away) but she doesn’t have a new figure she’s just looking after herself she’s not new or old she’s just Leona. Can thee pricks who write these celebrity columns please fuck off they’re making ordinary people who have made a few quid look like either warthogs or Gods depending on which Team you’re on!

These celebrities are just people, folks like us, just as fallible as yer ma. David Beckham he’s a good spud helps people out ya know, does lots of charity work BUT… OMG did you hear he’s going bald?!

I started shuddering about 25 years ago and honestly I don’t think I’ll stop, not in this lifetime anyway!

SHAME on us.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Dangerously inquisitive

On Sunday August 21st at Sunflower Fest I was standing outside the “Comedy/Poetry Barn” watching Magic George Quinn do his thang through the half open door. George is a different class he’s amazing, funny and intelligent all at once, rare indeed and to cap it he’s genuinely a really nice fucker as well. So I am standing there watching him taking a folded up playing card out of his mouth to ask the young lady on stage with him “Is this your card?” and these folks walk up, three or four of them, and they hear the voice and this girl says to me “Is that Magic George?” to which I replied “Aye” or “Yes” can’t remember which one! She then says “Is he a comedian or a magician?” and I immediately answer “he’s both.” She just stood there and looked at me funny but I am used to people looking at me funny.

I got to thinking later though, What’s up with us? All of us? Why does everything have to be either or? You know, people don’t like to be categorised and yet they arbitrarily categorise absolutely everything. I was with someone and she had difficulty with the fact that I called what I did poetry, she said it was comedy which technically some of it is? But why even bother I thought? Why this blind intent to put a name on everything? If you look at the principles here you’ll begin to see that this is part of the reason why we’re in so much trouble. Obviously a person wanting to categorise George as either a comedian or a magician isn’t going to cause any problems but it’s exactly the same as wanting to put anything in a box, it has to do with how we see our world, we order it in our minds so we can better understand it. Look seriously at humans in general and one thing in particular cannot be disputed, we’re inquisitive, that’s how we got to here. What does inquisitive mean? We want to know shit so if we order it all in our heads and say how it all is this is really akin to actually knowing how it’s all going down.

Do you see what I am saying here? Think about it. Whether or not everything is the way we order it is not the issue here at all, the issue is if you think you know something you get a certain degree of respite from thinking you know, it’s like inquisitive is the hunger and knowledge is food.

What is racism? It is simply a group of people saying they know that a certain other group of people are behaving in a set manner even though simple observations will show it is not at all true, it is taken to be true. There are other reasons of course hatred, envy, pain, insecurity and all these other emotions make the whole thing look very complicated when it’s really very basic. All intolerance is based on this principle of people “knowing” what is going on?

I worked in a warehouse and it was a great way to learn about people and their ways. I firmly believe I actually schooled myself in modules of a sociological nature while I was there, first hand with no need of theories or a University. There was a man there who had a very feminine voice and mannerisms and there was talk that he was gay it was often passed of as banter but I know some of them meant it and they were adamant of the fact. Even though the guy had a girlfriend of years who eventually had a child by him the talk never ceased. It’s like they were just mad to categorise everything and everyone.

The thing to remember here is that this behaviour is completely natural, well in the modern age it’s completely natural at least but it is also dangerous, not always but if you live by certain modes of thought without looking at potentially correcting your behaviour then you are more likely to be judgemental without realising it. You won’t know you’re doing it because you have convinced yourself you’re right, you have convinced yourself that you know.

As for Magic George Quinn, well that fucker is all things to all men… Oh and women of course… and don’t y’all forget that! J

Monday, 22 August 2011

People have immediate minds

People have immediate minds. The modern age has created within each of us a set of rules which we are completely unaware of. On the extreme people who become addicts are a good example of this. I can remember being so deeply enthralled in alcohol that I thought about nothing else. I had no plans at all to do anything except get the next drink and there were times I can remember very clearly when just knowing that I would get that next drink, even though it may have been hours away, was enough to stop my shakes. Many people will not relate to this at all because they really don’t see how principles govern just about everything we do. What is “That Friday feeling”? people in work places everywhere talk about it all the time. If you listen to the radio on Friday they go on about it all day. It’s a reward. I have worked all week and now I’ll get a few days off, it doesn’t matter what you plan to do during those days, principles are principles. That is your reward and you want it.

Now lets put these scenarios together and look at this thing as a set of rules rather than as two distinct sets of circumstances. Imagine that everyone who works all week is the alcoholic, the working week represents the shakes (which for many it does!) and the weekend represents the next drink (which for many it does!” Can you now see parallels between seemingly unrelated sets of events? People who disagree with models of thought such as this are not actually looking at exactly what I am saying. For many the ideas expressed will be seen in over-simplified terms where by they’ll say something daft like “Yeah but I am not an alcoholic.” and yeah but I didn’t say they were. Principles, look at the rules governing something rather than the specifics and you can begin to see how absolutely everything is connected.

We play a game “dig for a dig” hurts like fuck but it’s great craic when you’re young, testosterone driven and looking for morbid excitement. Eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, sound familiar, same principle. I dig you, you dig me, I take your eye you take mine. The bible may well be outdated nonsense but much of it is directly related to human life it is just written in an older form of language which doesn’t seem to have any relevance but if you imagine it as being in code and don’t think about the negative aspects of organised religion while you read it you can begin to see that people have been saying the same stuff in slightly different ways for just as long as we have been able to express ourselves.

Human relationships are complicated at best and at worst virtually impossible of course this depends on many, many factors but if you look over your own relationship history and I don’t just mean sexual and personal relationships, I mean every type of interaction with others you will see patterns. For instance how often have you fallen out with friends and partners? How often have you had family difficulties? How many times in the last few months have you told someone you trust that “he or she just doesn’t understand?” Look at these seemingly unrelated incidents then go take a look at the stats, then take yourself outside yourself for a moment and imagine the population of Ireland and the Britain. Now think of all those people having those same daily gripes that you’re having and what you have is the very fabric of a whole social order unravelling because of billions of miniscule incidents a tiny fraction of which involved you!

You are the social order and it is you. Selfishness is taught. From early in life we’re told to look out for number one and we often do this no matter what the cost. You all have immediate minds if someone doesn’t do a tiny thing we want for our own often childish and selfish reasons we pay them back immediately, not answering calls, calling off seeing people, being cold all because they didn’t throw the ball to us, childishness and you’re responsible of it, just like everyone else. We don’t think about all the things they have done for us or the potential of what they could do for us. We love entertainment and unfortunately in these dark days which we think are light we are using each other because we think that love is related to money and happiness when in fact love should not be conditioned.

People have immediate minds. You have an immediate mind. At some point in the next few days you’ll have a thought about a person in your life and due to something that has happened between you both you’ll say to yourself “fuck them” they’re not giving me the respect I deserve so I’ll ignore them. This is of course what they deserve isn’t it? Well isn’t it? Just remember that when you’re the one being shunned and admit to your mistakes before you wake up one morning and realise you’ve just wasted years because you thought you deserved more than got when in reality all you deserve is your next breath. Be thankful for that. Immediate minds are dangerous don’t play with them and don't think like them.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Is it the ride yer after!

Everyone is always talking about sex! It’s fuckin’ great. I have never felt liberation like it and I have been decidedly messed up on just about every stimulant I could get my hands on. When a woman acts like she’s interested in you there is no feeling like it and I am sure it works exactly the same for women when men are doing the same. Same sex relationships more than likely work in exactly the same way, I don’t want to be accused of being some kind of “phobe!”

I read this article (see link at bottom) and it has two aspects of our kind which I have been very interested in:

1. How we view and interpret and express sex as a society.

2. How individuals change as they get older.

Rihanna would get it, seriously, she’s melting hot. From an image point of view that woman has it all. So what exactly is she doing that oule Scary doesn’t agree with? Getting shit loads of attention for one and she has the age card firmly on her side and if you want to use the term “firmly” in relation to Rihanna in other ways go right ahead, I would!

When people get older they forget what it was like and what they thought when they were young. Their morals change, when they have kids what they see as being acceptable changes. This generation gap is a major part of the reason why humankind is struggling to understand itself, because it is constantly changing and reviewing it’s position, on all levels, in individuals and as groups, countries, organisations
Constant categorical change.

Sex is still dirty, it’s giggled about in schools and seen as something you have to be careful about, for obvious reasons, teenage pregnancies and STD’s are not good! Organised religion is still having an effect on us but this is not as straight forward as it all appears. We often focus on singular aspects when we are looking at our social structure. We think from the point of view that we have achieved so much so we forget what we are capable of achieving, our potential by the way is limitless, it is our outdated modes of thought which are holding us back. We are still developing and how society sees things like sexual expression effects how we as individuals and as groups behave. For instance look back to the “proper” eras when it was all ladies and gentlemen and cheek to cheek dancing they were shagging each other senseless but no one talked about it, everything was done for show.

We have many faces but two in particular are fascinating, the face for our sexual partners and the face/s for everyone but. Sex is private, it is sacred, that’s how people think in relation to it, but it is in reality neither it is public and obviously very effective if the current population explosions are anything to go by.

We are animals but we don’t like admitting we are animals we think we’re better than that because of old and extremely warped attitudes, moral madness and a misplaced sense what is right. If we continue seeing sex as something which is either dirty or unimportant we will end up deeper in this pit we’re currently descending further into.

So that’s all I have to say on the matter, now get yer kit aff and gimme some sugar!

Gender profiling and intolerance

Here’s what happened, as simply and as contrastingly as I can put it. Aside from my very obvious heterosexual tendencies, I really love women, they’re honest and are much more likely to tell you exactly what they feel about something, of course this is not pretty when you’re being told you’re a bastard as a relationship ends but hey you can’t have it all your own way!

There’s this “understanding” within our society that women are over-emotional but I have found them not to be, men are actually under-emotional and this causes them to see women in a very narrowed down static tone, while I can see this and I know it’s fact I cannot always apply it and I still find I have to review myself, when faced with a woman with whom I have become emotionally involved.

I spoke with two women of different backgrounds about my work, I am impressed when women like my work because I believe them, when men like my work I think they’re up to something. I was chatting with someone and explained to her that my work was changing, that I was using less bad language, but that it wasn’t completely intentional she said “That’s a shame, I like it, it makes your work real.” a short time later I was talking with another female and she seemed interested in the fact that I wrote I sent her some links and she checked it out and got back to me saying “I am not a fan of the swearing but all other parts I liked.”

I myself have no dilemma here whatsoever. I don’t write for anyone other than myself and I make no excuses for my work everything I have ever written was executed from the point of view of exactly how I felt at the time. I have never tried to hide my emotions. Men and women are not fundamentally different the differences lie within society and how we are brought up, gender profiling is very real and since it has been happening for generations we end up with a world as it is today where women and men feel different from one another, act different from one another and play different from one another. Sexism is just as real as racism, just as real as any form of intolerance but it has become so normal now that we don’t realise how it effects us all day to day. Men and women actually believe that they really are different from one another, socially different I mean, biological differences are superficial in comparison to these social aspects I am trying to highlight.

Language has became a very powerful thing in the modern age but I also feel it has too much power. I cannot hurt anyone with words but I can hurt their feelings, this is a clear indication that we have grown sensitive to words and when you’re sensitive to words in a world full of confusion and lies you are in effect just leaving yourself open to attack. Most of us live on our intentions we have come to believe that if we say we’re going to do good that that is enough but it isn’t. Most of us want to do things which we never achieve because we’re either too busy or too lazy so we just sit back and make the excuse, well I am not a bad person and that becomes enough, but it isn’t.

So some people like swearing and some people don’t, simple eh? No, not so simple. How we express ourselves is not wholly dependant on us as individuals, expression is a social aspect of our instincts. I have noted that I am much more likely to swear and talk about sex when I am speaking with men of course I am not fully aware of this at the time. People are not always honest about their expression most people only express either what they think they can get away with or what they think others want to hear or in other cases what they steadfastly believe to be right.

Generally it is taken for granted that women don’t like swearing but my example of real life has shown this is not entirely true, women are subject to the same constraints and conditions that men are but because women are the homemakers and teachers of the next generations (not entirely true either!) much more is expected of them. Women who digress into alcoholism and drug addiction are viewed horribly in comparison to men who do exactly the same, and worse, because women are expected to do their best in really bad circumstances. The really unfortunate thing is that it is often other women who are the worst critics of their sisters and that is of course due to our love of competition, but that’s a whole other story.