Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Hot French Actress Swigs Whiskey! Oh La La!

I had mixed feelings when I seen the above picture. At first Oh La La! Then I thought God that’s gotta be warming her right up, not that she needs to get any hotter than she already is! Then I thought I could just go have a few Guinness, it’ll be fine (after a few months and rehab!) but I didn’t think it was irresponsible until I seen that someone else had said it was and even at that I still think she’s a Legend! I am not Anti Drink, that would be Hypocrisy and I am a big enough Hypocrite as it is. Society is a machine and if they choose to allow a percentage of their citizens to die miserably then there’s nothing I can do about it and a beautiful French Actress (Berenice Marlohe) swigging Jameson is hardly going to have half the Teenagers in Belfast rushing out to buy Whiskey.

I am not Anti-Drink. I am Anti-Machine but you cannot beat the machine, it’s too big. So she digs her Whiskey good for her, continental gals are more Hardcore when it comes to alcohol. I was seeing a German briefly a few years back and I thought it very funny when my mate offered her a swig of Buckfast thinking she’d gag, she took a wild gulp and went, “mmmm tastes like Mulled Wine!” Another thing Berenice Merlohe does not have an alcohol problem, look at that skin, Jesus wouldn’t you love da… massage her!

Alcoholics exist because of problems within society and because we do not respect alcohol. On the continent they have fewer people who drink problematically because they have a different way culturally of consuming alcohol and obviously their social structures are somewhat different. I would not begrudge anyone a drink. About a year ago I was walking home late one night via Shaftesbury Square and a man was sitting obviously very hungover and maybe sleeping rough, his name was Cathal. He wanted me to go get him a carryout which I tried to do but because it was a Sunday Tesco had closed their Off licence early as had Laverys so I went back to him empty handed and told him how to get to The Hatfield apologetically! If a person has been drinking very heavily for days or weeks it is actually dangerous for them to stop suddenly, they can go into shock and have seizures so I would consider this type of errand to be helping the person.

I am really not sure what sort of an impact the above picture would have in a collective sense, alcohol is legal, widely available and very socially acceptable so it will be drunk I am afraid! I also get the sense that things are going to get worse in years to come because the service industry is now prevalent in Britain and to be perfectly honest the economy relies on it heavily. The tax gained from sales of alcohol probably keep the British and Irish economies steady, probably I said, I am not an economist but I know enough to feel I can get away with that type of statement.

People are going to drink so that’s that! I’ll tell ya one thing though if I ever hear Berenice Merlohe is drinking Whiskey in Belfast I’ll relapse for sure!

Friday, 23 March 2012

A lack of thought, politics and right and wrong!

There is not a whole lot of thinking going on. The more I listen and observe I am becoming very aware that people would rather seem to be right for a millisecond than actually do the right thing longer term. There doesn’t appear to be a steadfast reason for it though, it’s more like there are many reasons and it seems that due to the fractures which have now become society wide people cannot or will not understand one another.

I have been accused of being intense and have been told many times that I am too serious. This used to bother me and I used to think I was doing something wrong but it is now very, very clear that being too serious is not the problem here rather those very people who have accused me are not being serious enough, this is serious business, this modern age. We are residing in a collective which is flawed and no one thinks it has anything to do with them. Everyone wants other people to be more agreeable, in other words they want people who will do their bidding and if the people who they invite into their lives won’t comply they find someone else who will.

No one wants to be challenged, they want everyone to pat them on the back and tell them they’re brilliant when a lot of the time they’re being completely self centred. Of course the realms of what is right and what is wrong are completely subjective and so I have had to look at this in great detail and it has become very difficult for me to blame people or to judge. I am not saying that I do not blame or judge I am just very mindful of it now and I try not to but it would be impossible to be totally neutral. Generations of affluence have lead us to a society full of individuals who believe they deserve more than they are getting, it’s all very childish, and I am even beginning to sympathise with those poor individuals who make their way into politics because if you study the social structure and the psychological “type” of people we have living here you will quickly find that it is completely impossible to keep all of these people happy, it cannot be achieved. Furthermore when you look back at History you will find a repeating cycle.

Britain is a good example in political terms of the levels of disharmony we have always had. After feudalism the political systems we now have in place began to develop, in basic terms and without going into too much detail this comprises of a party system where leaders are chosen by way of voting. If you have time take a look back through British History and you will see a repeating cycle of parties being voted in and out. In a nutshell people are voted in and they don’t do a good enough job so they are replaced by another party who don’t do a good enough job so they’re replaced and so on right up until the present day. The party on the fringes make extraordinary promises which they cannot keep and so everyone accuses them of being liars but no one actually says “hang on, this is impossible, harmony cannot be reached with these rules in place.” When you say “The system is the problem.” everyone groans that they already know that and yet no one attempts to change the system, they don’t even talk about it. When I say this type of thing everyone says “What’s the alternative?” I can tell you simply but you won’t like it because it will undermine the way you are living your life. YOU have to stop being selfish and you have to stop blaming everyone else for the problems within society, since we’re all here it is the responsibility of us all, yourself included.

If someone challenges you think about it don’t just get your little prince or princesses head on and act like you’re a two bob snob, you’re not, you’re half human half animal we all are. We’re in a transitional period and we really need to start pulling together or we’re all going to fail. The reason why any human endeavour has and always will fail is because people seem to have an inability to work together and this is simply because we have an inherently tribal nature, it’s perfectly natural but it is important to remember that while we continually pretend that our way is the right way we have yet to find a right way, we have always been in this state of flux. When contradictions happen between people it is put down to a simple conflict of interests or a difference of opinion but we need to start realising that maybe our way is not the right way. We’re not very good at working out our differences because we refuse to give each other the benefit of the doubt and are always of the opinion (that word again) that it is the other person who is at fault not us. This is equally true of large groups of people, when you study the principles involved people behave very much the same in groups as they do as individuals, granted it gets a bit more complicated but the essence is the same.

What we seem to be getting wrong is the immediate way we think about things. For instance when people have a disagreement they have a very exact way of seeing things, the other person is wrong and they are right. The human mind looks for associations therefore if a person is judged to have been wrong the association is that they’re always wrong or that everything they say is wrong. The reality of course is very different sometimes we all get things wrong and equally sometimes we are right, being able to admit when we are wrong becomes essential if we are to work successfully with others. If you find yourself constantly at odds with other people you may have to start looking in the mirror! I have noticed that people do not like being told they are wrong to the extent of going against their best instincts just for the sake of proving a point. There also appear to be many people who are lacking in self confidence and this causes them to be overly sensitive, it’s like telling them they are wrong is taking away what little good they see in themselves. If someone you are regularly interacting acting with is wrong about something it is better to tell them else they will end up making terrible mistakes.

We must begin looking at the world differently, it is not the world that is at fault it is US, all of us.

I lost my sister that's why I am trying to understand myself and the human condition and I can never forgive myself for it but I can do my best to explain how this works and I will continue to do this and continue to reach out to people even though they sometimes won’t reach back. We are all in this together and we all need to start acknowledging each others difficulties a little bit more. It’s all about balance. Sometimes we need to shout and be angry, sometimes we need to cry, if someone in your life is behaving in a way you do not agree with sometimes YOU may need to change the way YOU ARE looking at things rather than just ignoring their feelings and wishing that everyone would do things your way.

We’re all right at times and we’re all wrong but ultimately if we can see that for what it is, we’ll all be alright. BIG SMILE!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Someone has to say it.

Our collective apathy is pretty abhorrent. We wait until people die before we start doing something about situations that have always been threatening. About a month ago we were doing bucket collections for the SOS Bus and we were in The Taphouse. I got talking with a guy who I would have estimated to be in his early twenties, it was the very night that the body of Joby Murphy was found. For those who are unaware Joby fell in the river on the night of the Snowpatrol concert and his body remained in the river for a month before being found.

So this young man has a handful of change and he’s asking me about what we do before putting it into the bucket. He starts saying “Will this buy a life preserver?” and then he goes into details that I was already aware of about how a security guard had ran a long distance to fetch a life preserver when Joby fell into the river. To my mind there should have already been enough of them there. I keep telling him about what we do and I have to also tell him honestly that we are not personally responsible for buying life preservers as we have other tasks and it’s the responsibility of the council to do that sort of thing.

I could not get how he was going on about this out of my head for days afterwards and it is just one example of our not doing anything until it’s too late. Then on the news it says that Snowpatrol are donating £10000 to buy sonar equipment which would have located Jobys body earlier. This is admirable but that equipment should already have been there. Why do people have to die before we start doing something? The Odyssey is a venue right beside a river where arguably tens of thousands of young people drink very heavily every weekend. Here is a sum for you Very drunk person + River = ? it doesn’t take a mastermind to work this out it was only a matter of time before there was a tragedy down there.

Now this thing has happened with Dee and everyone is organising marches about knife crime, I am not knocking the sentiment but when the fuss dies down everyone will go back to their respective lives and their overly selfish behaviour until someone else gets murdered and they’ll all be out again saying how terrible it is.


We need to work out what people would potentially need and give it to them BEFORE SOMEONE DIES. The Government don’t care, they shut the A+E at The City Hospital and it was in exactly the right place. If the people in charge don’t care that means it is up to US. Yes YOU get up and do something for your city instead of entertaining yourself all the time. If you have any decency left you will find a way to rebuild a community in this city because all it is a Capitalist shrine and we are going to continue having to bury young fit people who never get to reach their full potential because they would rather poison themselves every weekend to line the pockets of a bunch of people who are making a fortune from our misery. Wise up people and stop being so Selfish.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Don't let Dee die in vein.

On the 15th of March 2012 a young man named Dee Corr was knifed to death in the New Lodge. I had met Dee quite a few times in the two and half years I have lived in Belfast. I remember him most from Botanic Avenue and he also stayed at the Hostel I was at a few times. He was very friendly and even though he was prone to be erratic at times he really was a lovely guy.

He liked a drink and because I myself liked a drink I could completely understand him. I will say a few things about drink, it’s powerful stuff and if you ever judge a person who drinks too much you really should take the time to remember that the power of alcohol to take peoples lives away from them is very real. When a person drinks too much and does anything through drink you are not judging them you are judging a shadow of them. If a person drinks 4 or more days a week they are never quite sober and you will find their decision making processes to be less than responsible. Alcohol bends peoples perception of the world and their sensibilities. I know many of you will have your own opinions on alcohol but I am afraid most of you are limited in your experience of it and therefore cannot judge people with any real sense of knowing what you are talking about. I am not going into my experience because this is not about me it’s about Dee and about the broken collective we reside in.

Dee was a spirited young man. He was a talented Skater and Musician. He loved music and was always singing and always had a Ghetto Blaster or earphones in. When you look back upon the History of the modern age we always seem to have people like Dee. You can call them whatever you like, in Ireland many years ago they were called the roadmen, people who did not like settling down, they liked to move from place to place and be out doors and they liked a drink. This is a very human thing, to be free, to not want to have constraints or be tied down but what seems to happen in a social sense with people like this is that those of us who work judge them badly, it’s like we’re envious of them. We say they’re just making excuses and that they’re not puling their weight we blame them for negativity but as far as I can see it is those who judge who are negative. Be they foreigners or tramps or spides or whatever you choose to call them these people are HUMAN BEINGS and if you voice a negative opinion on another human being who has not done anything YOU are eroding the very fabric of our social order, not THEM. If you judge people based upon appearance, age, sex, nationality, religion, gossip or anything other than how they have related to you personally you are causing the very ills that you accuse others of causing.

It is not easy being a modern human in 2012. Humans have very complicated minds and deeply, profoundly complicated social structures. Of course it is important to take each of us in context as individuals but we also need to be aware of the fact that sometimes we are too opinionated to see the facts involving others and we judge far too easily. People often talk about mental illnesses but we also need to start making ourselves aware of more subtle social and emotional conditions which many of our young people are suffering from. We’re not doing enough to help each other because we are busy (SELFISH).

When you have a group of vulnerable people who are living in a block of flats in a working class area and you add mental disorders, emotional problems, loneliness, a history of broken homes, an inability to relate to others, anger issues, alcohol, drugs and MOST IMPORTANTLY a society which is largely either apathetic or aggressive to their plight YOU’RE GOING TOO LOSE PEOPLE. WE’RE GOING TO KEEP LOSING PEOPLE. Right now all over this City another generation of kids are growing up and they will become disaffected to society in years to come, THIS IS CRIMINAL, we are allowing these children to just slip away. WE ARE NOT DOING ENOUGH. When someone is 12 or 13 and they’re having a hard time everyone says “Awwww isn’t that a shame.” but as soon as they turn 17 or 18 suddenly that changes to “They deserve all they get.” BUT IT’S THE SAME PERSON. We are emotional machines people do not wake up on their 18th birthday with a new set of directives and all the knowledge they didn’t have the day before, if someone has not been taught or if they have disorders they won’t be able to accept or integrate into society. WE ARE FAILING THESE PEOPLE. WE ARE LETTING THEM DIE. I really want to rant right now but I have to compose myself because I know how people react to the truth. When a person raises their voice or curses there is something wrong, anger is a form of pain and we need to start recognising that and we also need to stop being afraid of anger for only by remaining calm can we help the person who is suffering from anger issues.

I hope Dee has not had to die in vein. This society is getting worse. Knife crime will just escalate if we do not start building communities that care about each other. You all need to get out there and become part of the community instead of selfishly spending all your spare time drinking in your little bubble wrapped cliques and watching television. BE ACTIVE. You also need to start being mindful of how you treat each other and how much you gossip because these aspects of the modern age are deeply harmful to us all collectively.

If we keep letting these people go they will continue to be disaffected and ultimately it is society that suffers because it is society that they attack. We will never have a peaceful city if we don’t do more for these kids who are growing up right now to be the next generation of addicts and criminals. THINK DON’T JUDGE. THINK. LEARN ABOUT HOW HUMAN BEINGS WORK. LEARN ABOUT WHAT HUMAN BEINGS NEED. STUDY. THINK…

Much love to Dee.