Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Cartography and Easter Island.

I think cartography is fascinating but looking at it in detail throws up an interesting fact which kind of typifies human behaviour and shows how we were and still are literally outside ourselves. The earliest known maps that humankind made were not focused on the Earth. You would have thought that with such a development we would have begun by mapping our immediate surroundings, not so, the earliest known maps are of the heavens. As ever our fascination is with the unknown. Why can we not just stick to what we know? Even better why can we not actually go further and truly understand that which we think we know!

It does not take a genius to work out that humans have forever been fascinated with matters which they cannot control and unfortunately we focus so hard on these “outside” matters that we often forsake more immediate issues. Think about that. Think about the very concept of the first maps not being of the land and waters around us. It is as though those very early people were saying “We already know this Earth so well why should we map it?”

This complacency is going to be our downfall I fear as it continues right up to the modern age. We know more about the sky than we do about under the sea but as ever I think most people never consider this to be something out of the ordinary. Indeed for many people nowadays the nearest they get to “Studying” is checking which Horses or Football teams they’ll pick at the weekend. I think it is a travesty when you look at how much apathy there is in the people who are in control that all those who bad mouth the Government and cause untold chaos with civil unrest wouldn’t go and stick there heads in a books for a few years and come out with a much more balanced and informed view of the world which would help them to make positive change a reality. I don’t blame them of course, I know about anger and how easy it can be to succumb to it.

I have been formulating for sometime ways in which to explain the contrasts between individualism and the collective and in so doing it is glaringly obvious that people think they “have arrived”! We believe that we are beyond the reach of the very processes by which we “got here” and think that because we are top of the food chain that we are beyond reproach, not so, we have not arrived anywhere we are and always will be in a constant state of flux.

I am constantly writing these pieces, I don’t know if they’re essays or what they are, I am just looking and making sense of this world and everything therein! So I started this one at the end of last week about Cartography and then I see the news today. The “Heads” on Easter Island are not just heads! There is a prime example of us looking at something and believing it to be a certain way. You really have to think about the psychology behind the way we think, it is not just that we made a mistake, it’s that we are constantly making those same mistakes. Our thinking processes are flawed, we make far too many assumptions. I mean the heads on Easter Island eh? That’s been a no brainer for thousands of years hasn’t it? When you use that as an example think for a moment about how warped our whole view of just about everything could actually be, I mean we have a supposed order for how everything happened and when but with the advent of this new information on Easter Island maybe our whole History is a farce! (I have believed it to be for some time.) Who knows? So yeah Cartography what a subject and while we’re on that subject maybe the world really is flat! ;)

Friday, 25 May 2012

Violence over Words!

Violence over Words!


There has been violence in the Ukrainian Parliament as ministers voted on the passing of a bill which will allow Russian to be spoken in Russian speaking parts of the country. Interesting they would use fists to settle a row about words! I have been thinking about this type of thing recently and for some time and have come to some conclusions which are both rational and common sense.

Languages change, that is the nature of language. The further away a language gets from it’s primary region of influence the more it will develop. A big part of this is simply because people use it differently the further it travels. A modern example is English. Look at how English has developed due to it’s widespread use. Australians, Americans, Canadians and New Zealanders all have distinct versions of English and those are only a few common examples. Patois is a brilliant one to look at also, it is a language/dialect which is Jamaican in origin. When the slaves were brought over from Africa they developed a type of speaking which is a mix of English, the African languages their ancestors spoke and new slang terms, it is widely used in Jamaica and in Jamaican communities world wide. This is what language does, it changes.

Latin is a dying language and yet all the Languages in Europe aside from some of the Slavic ones and Gaelic developed over time from Latin. In 100 years there probably will be no hint of Latin and people may only know about from books, maybe.

The issue these Ukrainians have is not language itself it is change, people do not like change. Think about this. What is language for? It is to communicate isn’t it? That’s its primary function. So does it matter in what language I communicate? I am not knocking peoples National pride here but if you become aware of how language works and the fact that it’s going to change anyway why not just “Chill Winston!?”

Nationality just like language will change. Lets look at the Celts. Who are the Celts? In Historical terms a “race” of people were once called that but do you realise that those people never actually called themselves Celts? The name was given to them in modern times by Historians so they could categorise them to a certain part of History. It’s just a name and language is just words. Yes I am a poet and I did say that “LANGUAGE IS JUST WORDS” the words themselves are not primarily the important thing the important thing is what they are saying and how people can use them to express their emotions and better understand one another.

Nationality and Religion are also subject to change as you go back through History the number of Religions and different Nationalities get fewer there have been constant population explosions right up until the present and in most cases people use Nationality and Religion to form identities for themselves to try and exert power over themselves and their “tribe” by instilling a sense of pride. Pride is being misused though because it seems that as with all in human life we lose our balance and sense of perspective and begin going completely over the top with patriotism.

Look at Britain and Ireland right now and indeed Europe. None of us know what we are we’re all just a bunch of genetic mongrels many of whom are struggling so hard to hold onto identities which are destined to fade that we end up with War and violence as our only answers. It doesn’t matter what Nationality you are or what language you speak what matters is that we understand one another. If someone else wishes to have pride to the point that it makes a mockery of their humanity, that’s their beef, not yours. The reason why we have so much conflict is because rather than just giving in and realising that none of this will last forever we struggle to maintain a type of eternal nostalgia because we like things a certain way and don’t want the others (who ever they are) to take it away from us.

Get over it people, Ukrainians included. We’re all human and we should all grow up because this current level of Childishness is making life difficult for everyone to the point that it’s killing people. Nothing remains, the Universe has rules and though we believe ourselves to be divine and completely in control, we’re not. The Universe still has us firmly under its principles.

SO if someone comes along using a language which you cannot understand try to understand and hopefully they’ll also try, emotions are Universal, use hand signals, just don’t go using fisted hand signals like them crazy Ukrainians! Alrighty! :)

Friday, 11 May 2012

Unemployed Scumbags take drugs and drink!

I have become very aware of how certain people think. I have witnessed many, many individuals this last few years in particular who have completely unrealistic concepts of how this world works. These people are decent and well-meaning but their views on others really do end up adding to a terrible stigma in already bad, bad situations within areas of our society were whole communities could really do with some positive input and encouragement rather than this society wide witch hunting.

Up to the end of April 2012 the unemployment figures were at 2.67 Million and if you didn’t already know the population of the UK is just over 62 Million. I was listening to a couple of people a few nights ago, caring, decent, working people and they were talking about the unemployed but they were talking about the unemployed as though the unemployed were one person rather than 2.67 million people. There was an awful lot of talking down going on. “Why should we work while they sit on their arses!” one man said. Now I know a little bit about human nature and when someone says something like this it is very important to listen to their tone and watch their mannerisms as they do it. We were in a room, about ten of us while this was being said and I got the distinct impression that he wasn’t talking about the unemployed, it seemed to me he was saying “Look at me I am brilliant, I have a job, I pull my weight!”

2.67 Million people who don’t work for how many reasons? I mean from that number you would probably have tens of thousands of reasons. I don’t care who you are or what you do but you really don’t have the right to talk about 2.67 million people as though you know exactly why they’re all not working in the first place. This sort of sweeping judgement is the same as racism or sexism. People who say this type of thing really should do a little bit of sociological research and while they’re at it add some common sense to their stuttering arguments.

Think about this. 2.67 million people are unemployed, now do you think a situation is going to arise were all of those individuals are going to get work at the same time! Come on people have a bit of common sense here. I have heard many other people talk about scumbags. I still have to find out exactly what a scumbag is but I have no doubt they’re unemployed and when people talk about them they say “They’re just lazy.” “They’re making excuses.” “Why should I work and they drink all day?” My issue here is not that some people abuse the state, my issue is that these people are talking about this kind of “ghost community”. You cannot talk about hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions of people like they are one person, it just does not make any sense. And I am certain that during their day they probably meet people who they consider to be scumbags and they probably treat these people with contempt or worse. These people are human beings. Our society is not perfect. You cannot and will NEVER have a situation were everyone has employment, it is unrealistic.

As for Alcohol and drugs. Alcohol is addictive, drugs are addictive, it is not a case of you eat a strawberry and don’t like the taste so you don’t eat it again, THEY ARE ADDICTIVE, you know MOREISH! Many people in whole communities have grown up in a situation which was there generations before they were born. Negativity begets negativity and cycles of thinking and behaviour can become “normal” even though the people know it’s wrong they cannot escape because they don’t know how to break the cycle. Education is only a tool for people to get better jobs, we are not being educated about the hierarchy of needs and how humans work on a psychological level.

Please, please, please… Before you make a statement about Millions of people can you do two things? Open your mind and go and read a few books. THESE PEOPLE ARE HUMAN BEINGS and they deserve to be treated accordingly.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Last day of 11/12 season


In light of what I have learned this last few months Football is pretty trivial but I am going to hang onto it because a bit of triviality can put things back into perspective. My Tottenham had an amazing beginning to the season after getting thumped twice they went on a run of premier proportions but it all began going astray after that beginning in mid February with a terrible 0-0 draw at Stevenage in the FA Cup and we then went on to throw away what seemed to be an unassailable lead so now the fight for third place and an automatic place in the Champions league has gone down to the final day. Chelsea getting beat last night at Liverpool was a dream result for Tottenham fans because it ruled them out of finishing anywhere above 6th place and I hope Bayern win the Champions league that way fourth place will still be open. Sorry Chelsea but I couldn’t give a fuck to be honest.

The table is tight. Arsenal in 3rd with 67 points and +24 GD, us in 4th on 66 points and +23 GD and Newcastle on 65 in 5th and their GD doesn’t matter (unless they win 17-0!) We’re home to Fulham, Arsenal travel to West Brom and Newcastle travel to Everton. In terms of how we are going into the last day I believe it couldn’t look better for us with both our rivals having away games and us at home, but this is Football and anything can happen. Tottenham just have to win their game and that’s all there is to it but it is kind of scary with Martin Jol in charge at Fulham, this kind of omen often proves to make the difference, hopefully this time it won’t though!

We just have to win and hope other results go our way. So I will be praying for Everton and West Brom and watching Soccer Saturday this coming weekend with my undivided attention. COME ON YOU SPURS!