Monday, 18 June 2012

What’s going on with Kate Nash?

What’s going on with Kate Nash?

What is up with us seriously? Of course I don’t need to ask myself that question because trust me I am well aware of what is up with humanity but the problem with knowing is that it’s pretty immense and I am currently formulating a way that I can I summarise it as much as possible and eventually get a book out of it. I ask the question really just to stress the fact that there really is something up.

Kate Nash has a new look and a new sound apparently. I haven’t listened to her new single and I don’t need to, this is not about whether or not I think she’s any good, it’s about social opinions about people who ’change’. I didn’t like her first single, it’s not my type of music but I could hear a certain originality in it. I don’t listen to much pop music, it is very rare nowadays that I actually get to like something in the charts. The headline on MSN was “What’s going on with Kate Nash?” This of course implies that there is something up with her but I had a look at her website and at bits and pieces of news about her and she seems to be doing the best as far as I can see.

People who don’t create are consumers and they are also the worst kind of critics. They know nothing about the creative process and are not aware that in some cases the artists are actually following their hearts and not doing what they are doing just to sell records but rather the creative process is leading them wherever they end up going. I think Kate Nash is doing just this. You can’t keep doing the same thing, it gets trite. You have to continually approach the process from different angles to see how much emotion you can express. Creativity is about being comfortable with yourself, it’s about contentment, it’s not about money.

People seem to constantly compare everything that people do either to what they did before or to what other people are doing. It is up to the artist to compare so they can put their work in context and develop. According to everyone this could be the worst record ever but if Kate is happy with it, it doesn’t matter what people think. This culture of gossip is killing creativity because the artists need to go at their own pace and they need make mistakes in order to grow and learn.

Aside from the individual reasons and expressions, everything changes, do they expect Kate Nash to just keep bringing out more records that sound just like ‘Foundations’ which got to number two? These people just constantly sit around putting ticks and crosses on everything and they have no idea what they are talking about. Leave people the fuck alone, creative people are on a quest to better themselves through the advancement of their art, if you don’t have something constructive to say don’t say it. I am sure Kate Nash is already well aware of her own flaws and quirks she doesn’t need thousands of idiots going on about how good her last record was while she is trying her damnedest to reach her own level of balance.

These people are dangerously comfortable, so much so they that they think everything should stay the same. I am afraid they’re all going to wake up one morning and realise that life is actually quite tough and the only way to traverse it is with as much dignity and grace as you can muster. This will help them and it will help the people around them. We need to be encouraging one another and helping each other out.

We are all naturally creative, it is a basic human instinct, so why don’t you turn the TV off and grow a set of balls and start doing something with your life instead of slobbering about what everyone else is doing with theirs?

Fair play to Kate Nash, I applaud her and she hope she does well in any endeavour she undertakes. She is braver and more talented than any of the worms who are criticising her.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Big Arses

Big Bottoms are back!

Oh they’re back all right, right at the back. Are these people serious? Big hoops are now a fashion accessory. So if it wasn’t written into your genetic code to have a shapely posterior here’s how to get one!

What is wrong with these people? Are women actually going to follow this nonsense? I hope not.

Notice in the URL that this guff is passed off as Health. How big your arse is depends on many factors, mostly hereditary, you're not going to grow a new arse by squatting about in front of a mirror like an idiot and all that exercise is not going to render you the new Jennifer Lopez.

I remember being laughed at many years ago when I was saying that all this image consciousness could cause suicides. I was off course jumping right to the extreme but there is truth in it. This idolising of human beings which is taking place in celebrity culture is bad for peoples self-esteem. It is difficult enough for young women trying to balance careers, having children and putting up with us arseholes without having this nonsense being passed off as health. This shit makes people feel they are not good enough and I don't doubt there will be Zumba styled classes for 'personal trainer' types to make a few quid doing classes where a rounded backside is the end result. This is all for MONEY. Creams that make you age slower and make up that makes you beautiful DOESN'T WORK. THESE PEOPLE ARE JUST OUT TO EXPLOIT YOUR NAIVE NATURE TO MAKE MONEY. MONEY!

If you don’t have a big arse it doesn’t mean anything. Just because massive derrieres are back in fashion it doesn’t mean that all men (or certain persuasions of women!) are instantly attracted to them. It would probably do you more good to work on your interpersonal skills and maybe be nicer to people than to be wishing you looked like yer woman Kardashian, sure what sort of a role model is she anyway, granted she’s a fine looking woman but she’s not to good when it comes to longevity is she now?

I would like to see a line up of ‘mug shots’ of the arses of the ones who are writing this tripe, holes on them like cabbages I’ll bet

Ladies this shit is bad for you, don’t buy into it, you’re all beautiful in your own way, be yourself you’ll be loved and appreciated for that above all else. :)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

We deserve what we get.

The modern age is full of notions as to right and wrong but as I continually try to assert, right and wrong are both subjective and concurrent. When thinking about whether or not something can be clearly defined as right or wrong people do not take the event or action in context, I have begun calling this absoluteism. When a person takes up a stance against something, against anything, they are expressing a need to have their say but so often it is this need which is their focus and the stance which they are taking is nothing other a way for them to achieve this. Never forget that we rarely think before our expressions, they are feelings which we have to get out of our system. Being self honest is so difficult because to be this way we must back down and stop of ourselves from reacting to outside stimuli. To be this way we also let go of so many preconceptions and daft ideas which we have been harbouring which are harmful to us and those around us. Always remember that people often do and say much of what they do and say due to their circumstances and we can be so dependant upon our opinions that they become our only outlet.

I keep going back to the good and evil conundrum because it is very important. We really should constantly be aware that all our instincts, thoughts, preconceptions and every judgement we make is being made by a mind which has developed to fit a mode on a collective level. You are not necessarily making all those decisions, many of them are being affected by social and emotions which you have no clear control over. When things are going well people are more likely to want to take the praise but when things are not going well they tend to blame someone else, this knowledge alone should leave us with the glaringly obvious acceptance that we are in fact nothing other than social chameleons but because we’re trying to get people to like us no one wants to admit that these basic precepts of humanity are a reality.

I have been looking at something in great detail. Do people deserve all they get?

Firstly, I believe in Karma and I have seen it work first hand but it is a complicated process and does not work on a simple basis of you do something wrong and something bad happens to you five minutes later. Karma is a system which is based upon energy, indeed everything is based upon energy. Always be mindful that people (AND YOU!) are part of the universe and therefore it’s rules apply. No matter how much money or faith in God some of us have the Universe has but two simple principles and these principles are constantly in play. It is important to note that Millionaires are prone to committing suicide, some will argue about that there are not very many of them who do this but since there are less millionaires generally the statistics will always be lower than in other groups who commit this act. Money does not equal happiness, only people who would like to have money think it does.

Forums are also a great place for research:

The reason why I am adding this twist about money not equalling happiness is because it should make you think about the principle of the Good and Evil conundrum, all is not as it seems! People are not good and evil rather people are changeable and due to a myriad of circumstances, genetics and social and emotional issues they can end up doing all manner of things. These processes are both simple and complicated and if you don’t think that’s possible then you will never understand the principles I am trying to outline here.

It was in the news today that Joey Barton was attacked outside a Liverpool nightclub and immediately people began jumping into comments about him deserving it. If you do not know about Football it may be useful to acquaint yourself with Bartons career:

Joey Barton was born and raised in a rough part of Liverpool called Huyton. I am not excusing his behaviour but surely you can see that negativity only creates more of itself, unless the person involved actually has the ability to recognise what is happening then they will never be able to change their current circumstances. Obviously every case is slightly different and some people seem to be able to get out of negative situations but it takes a huge amount of energy and willpower to do this and as I have said before you cannot expect everyone in these situations to get out of it at the same time.

In cases where a person comes from having nothing to being a millionaire the bad behaviour can be completely lost in the fact that the person is doing well for themselves. They can make psychological excuses to themselves and never get a chance to address their behaviour. That person cannot be helped by the press and Football fans screaming at them that they are scum, this in fact will make the person worse because they’ll then end up with a serious siege mentality and they will never get a chance to address their behaviour.

Most of us are unwilling to take risks which would lead us to ridicule and possibly criminality but there is tangible genetic proof that risk taking is governed by genes. If you go back into our past risk taking would have been a very advantageous trait to have, albeit a dangerous one. What exactly are risks anyway? They take many forms. Kicking someone on a Football field is a risk just as much as taking drugs or stealing is but it must be remembered that since we are being helped along in many cases by our instincts via genetics, it is not so clear cut that the person is actually fully in control. Always remember that, please, before you judge.

Another note of great importance is that people and YOU are often looking for ways to look good, for excuses to say “Look at me, I am doing great.” Normally this would take the form of talking about your achievements but in the modern age there seem to be a lot of us who get our sense of well being by making others look bad. Indeed some people just constantly do this. They will talk about the Government, Foreigners, and just about any vulnerable group they can find in order to keep themselves shielded from ridicule. Tribalism is also a way of doing this because strength in numbers also offers a form a safety and security.

So do people deserve all they get? Maybe they do but do they mean it? This is less certain.

There is a large degree of sensitivity in the modern age. Everyone takes everything personally. Paranoia and suspicion are widespread but so often people are not aware of their own failings so they have no idea they are being paranoid and suspicious. Sensitivity is actually at an epidemic level. If for instance you try to make people aware of their failings they take it as a personal attack. I have been in situations where I was trying to explain things to people I was close to about themselves and all I ended up doing was pushing them away due to the fact that they were completely unable to take criticism in any form. This was not the persons fault, they have obviously been bubble wrapped against the world and people like this will end up going through life thinking that everything is everyone else’s fault, sad but true.

Human instincts are also being severely underrated. Due to individualism everyone believes that they are solely in control of themselves, as I have already outlined many times, this is fine when everything is going well but not so when things go wrong. They are also firmly of the opinion that when other do wrong they are doing it on purpose but when they themselves do wrong it can all be rationally explained and of course the better you are at explaining things the more chance you’ll be believed!

The age in which you live, your social standing, emotional disorders, chemical imbalances, peer pressure, confidence levels, self-esteem etc etc! Think about these things. I am sure if you sat down for a while and made a list you could come up with many more. These are all ways in which we are affected and that includes YOU.

Do people deserve what they get? In short, probably, but if they deserve it what do YOU deserve? If you do wrong and get away with it you think you’re great but if others do wrong and get away with it, you scream injustice. This doesn’t make any sense people. The difference between what is and what should be is severely imbalanced and disproportionate.

You should not be concerning yourself with what you deserve or what others deserve you should be thinking about how you can make things better for yourself and those around you. If others do wrong that is their problem, it has nothing to do with you. All you are doing by highlighting the wrongs of others is adding to the serious strain on our overburdened collectives. If everyone spent as much time doing something good as they do lambasting the Government their wouldn’t even be any need for a government.

People may or may not get what they deserve but I will tell you something for sure, in the long term, we all deserve what we get.