Thursday, 16 August 2012


I will never forget watching the FA cup final back in ‘99, in The Goodyear sports and social club. At least I think it was ‘99, I could check but I’ll leave my intuition alone on this. Yes The Goodyear sports and Social club. The Goodyear factory may have long since left the Craigavon area but it still has a sports and social club there. If you’re a proper Craigavonite you will have been there many times for all types of functions.

Arsenal were 1 nil up but Liverpool ended up scoring two, I am sure Owen got both of them and Liverpool won it 2-1. I was dancing on the tables partly due to the Guinness but also due to my Anti-Arsenal fetish, I had on my Spurs shirt.

The whole RVP transfer saga had me thinking about this. I am not a Utd fan but I love Utd, always have. While Tottenham were involved in relegation dog fights the one glimmer of hope we had was that Utd would, in most cases, win the title and stop it going up the wrong end of North London. This is a clear indicator of the power of tribalism, the team that beats my enemy is always seen a positive light. If ever Tottenham fans would lambaste Utd, for any reason, I would tell them to wise up.

I was in the bogs that day and Liverpool fan started slobbering at me about why I was so happy. I didn’t understand this, it was obvious why I was so happy was it not?! He didn’t get it, and was at pains to point out that I had on a Tottenham shirt which I thought pretty clearly explained the whole situation! So for whatever reason maybe with Football as with so much else, I am a bit of an extreme fucker who always gives that bit extra, be it good, bad or indifferent I tend to go the whole hog.

So Van Persie signs for Utd eh? It’s going to be an interesting season! :)

Slam Preparations?

I am having a very strange recurring dream which is having real world connotations and connections. I have had this dream nearly exactly the same on at least two occasions and I have vague feeling it has happened another couple of times as well.It seems I am away somewhere in the dream, a trip or holiday of sorts, although the place and the people I am with are not defined.

This guy keeps turning up while I am just sitting around and he keeps telling me about a Slam which is going to be taking place and I spend the rest of my time, in the dream, preparing poems for this slam.I have these pieces of paper which have been ripped out of the back page of some vague publication, a magazine of sorts and on them are the poems I am then revising for the Slam. The strange thing is that the man who seems to be the Slam organiser is telling me where the Slam is and that it has a two minute limit, I have only ever worked to three minute limits previously in real world Slams.

Here’s the freaky part. The poems I am revising are real poems. They are ’Smell yer Ma’ and ’You can’t fucking kill me’. For those in the know ’Smell yer Ma’ has been one I have struggled with, it lost me a place in the 2010 All Ireland Final because I was unable to get it in time, I went just over the three minute mark and Colin Hassard won to represent Belfast in the Final in Dublin that year. This piece could not be taken down to two minutes, indeed I still have difficulty making it in three.The other poem ‘You can’t fucking kill me’ was initially made a bit longer and was coming in at about 2 minutes 10 seconds. In the dream I was taking it down and was getting it to come in at about one minute 57 seconds.

The really fucked up thing is that I have actually amended this poem in my dream, for real. I have looked at it and made the amendments that I had made in the dream and they work, it’s coming in at exactly one minute 57 seconds.

What does it mean? I have no idea but I do know that I am revising poems in my sleep and I am pretty happy with that to be honest! :

)All I need now is for someone to point me in the direction of a Slam with a two minute limit!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Intolerant people are uneducated.

The thing that gets me most about intolerant people is the completely misplaced sense of the world they need to have to ‘understand’ in order to view things the way they do. It is not only the misconceptions they are so readily conceiving which makes their arguments so null and void, even worse than that is the very basic common sense they have to completely overlook to arrive at their archaic points of view.

A debate with an intolerant person normally ends with them getting angry or the really clever ones just repeat the same point over and over again. In many cases their theories have not been thought out they have no doubt been spat out through a hundred or so sets of bitter teeth before they arrive in the mouth of the latest doctor of hatred who you happen to be speaking with.

They know nothing about psychology or sociology and these two subjects need to be studied and understood very well before you will be able to discuss any matters involving the interaction of large groups of people. History is another one. Intolerant indiviuals do not study History because a brief look therein would show them clearly that it was just as wrong in the past as it is today. They quote History but they don’t study it, they quote only the vitriol that they believe holds up their draconian arguments.

Westerners who talk about Non-Western foreigners in a derogatory way are forgetting two key things.

1. The Western way of life is a completely bastardised version of living which is not even close to perfect.

2. It is impossible to accurately judge groups of people numbering in the hundreds of thousands or millions (or even billions) on stories about or the actions of a handful (or hundreds) of individuals.

The overriding feeling I get from intolerant people is not that they actually have any real hate in them it is more that they are very insecure about their own identities and the myths they are spewing are a way for them to attempt to feel better about themselves. If you know about how people work you will recognise these traits, it is overcompensating with no foundation in a the real world or real versions of events. The first thing a person must do to look down on others is to consider themselves to be pretty much perfect. One major problem with the modern age is the fact that just about everyone you speak to thinks they’re right in just about everything they talk about. Of course it makes perfect sense that everyone cannot be right, especially in this capitalist free-for-all, moreover people would rather pretend that they are right than actually address many of the social issues which arise around hatred and intolerance because admitting you are wrong is failure isn't it? Think of how being affluent actually makes people think, it is, in effect like having a society of children who just want their own way all the time. Affluence is basically being spoilt, collectively.

Growing up in Northern Ireland you witness this kind of thing both communities believe the other community is more bitter than they are and to reinforce this I have so often heard someone say that they had a ‘friend’ from the other community who agreed with them. Think about that! They have a friend who is part of the community that they are saying is bitter, does that make any sense?

I could write a book about intolerance, in fact I think I may already have started such is the volume of thinking and structuring on issues such as this.

If you are intolerant consider this. Do you think people choose the skin they are born into or the groups they are born into? Cultures, Religions and Nation states are very old and in some cases ancient and since change is slow you cannot override generations because ‘YOU’ don’t agree with something or other. If you want to help your own tribe get off your arse and go out and volunteer to do some work with old people from your community or some other needy group who have the same genetic code as yourself instead of sitting around talking about shit that you don’t know anything about.

Always remember this “If we had found a right way we would not be dealing with a world that is so confused as this, so fused to the unenthused, abused truths.”

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Missing Girl VersusThe Olympics.

A young girl of 12 years is missing in Croyden, England having not come home from a visit to her Grandmothers and then shops on Friday afternoon. She has never gone missing like this before so because it is completely out of character her family are very understandably worried about her, and to be honest I am a little bit worried about her as well. :(

I first seen this as an article on MSN which I clicked and read. A few hours later I was on the BBC News website and I went looking to see if there had been any developments and I couldn’t find the story about Tia. I am well aware that I could easily have typed in her name and got the story but I had figured I would find it among the headlines but it wasn’t there.

By this time it was getting into Sunday evening and I kept looking. I clicked on the ‘England’ section of the news and still couldn’t find it. I went and googled it and found out she was still missing but I was slowly becoming more and more incensed with the BBC website for this severe lack of compassion.

Later, about 15 minutes ago, just before I started writing this I eventually found the BBC’s version of the story about Tia it was the 23rd clickable item on the BBC page which as you can imagine was focused very heavily on people who can run fast and hit balls and cycle and all sorts of what I will call (without any fear of being anything other than truthful) ‘Nonsense’.

If you check in the next few hours you may see the page just as I found it.

I think it is disgusting that a child is missing, who knows what has happened to her and the world is merrily dancing because people are committing extremely superficial acts in the name of patriotism.

Whole counties should be coming to a complete stand still to search for Tia but she’s obviously not as important as The Olympics now is she?

Very sad world we live in.